Mali School Project

Crowdfunding the construction of a school in Timbuktu!

The Project

Thank you for taking a look at this page. This information is a mirror of my crowd-funding page on GoFundMe to confirm that I am behind this project, and take responsibility for the donations and their safe use in Mali. If you are interested in direct aid to a very deserving African community, please consider donating. I will be happy to answer any questions and my contact details are below.

Many thanks, Andy.

The current school premises

About the Fundraiser

This is a project to raise money to build a school for a local community living near Timbuktu, in Mali, west Africa.
 In 1997, I made a film in Mali, and this year in 2020, I was planning to go back and make a sequel, but due to the COVID crisis, this has been put on hold. However, during my initial research, I made contact with a journalist by the name of Baba Toure, who came highly recommended as a local guide, and was going to be my "man on the ground" to set everything up and accompany us during filming.
Although we didn't realise the film this year, Baba and I kept in touch, sharing stories and photos about our lives and families. Recently Baba asked if I could help with fundraising for the school  through his local association, and for many good reasons I agreed!!

Firstly, this is a chance  to fund a project directly in one of the poorest parts of Africa. I know charities like Oxfam and Save the Children do precious work in developing countries, but this idea would mean ALL the money going directly to a project that will benefit many, many children who are currently studying in very basic conditions. It will be great so send them a message that there are people around the world who truly care!
After the terrible insurgence of terrorists in this part of Mali and the recent military coup, this project will help some of the poorest and most vulnerable children in the world.

Also, I have got to know Baba, and I trust him, and believe that he is a good man, driven by the desire to help his own community. I have faith that, along with the community association, the money will be used 100% correctly and our efforts in fund raising will be treated with the utmost respect. I will personally travel to Mali (at my own expense) to see for myself the finished work.

Baba has already provided me with official  documents showing the creation of an official association  to oversee the construction of the school, and have been given a plot of land by the town council of Timbuktu.

Finally, although the Association is connected to a Christian church, Baba has assured me their doors are open to children of all faiths.

The project is needing around 8,500€  to build a concrete school house and furnish it with books. Please follow this link to see the budget
We hope to have the money raised within a couple of months, so work can start before Christmas 2020.
Thank you for reading, I know times are tough all over the world, but the universe knocked on my door and asked me to do this! I put my name to this as a respected film-maker with a 30 year career, so that you may have faith in this worthy project and trust that I will do my utmost to make sure the money is treated with the respect it deserves. We will create a plaque for the school, with every donators name on it. And if you ever visit the school in the future, you can count on a VIP reception!!

What I feel is so positive about this project, is that we can make a direct and positive change to the lives of young people in a very underdeveloped part of Africa, and see the results of our efforts in real time. We will forever be part of this school and will be remembered by many as they grow and develop into educated adults who can influence a positive change in this troubled region.

Please visit my GoFundMe page to donate! Thank you

Some of the photos from my Mali trip in 1997

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